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  Policies For Sweet Home Childcare  
  Medication Policy
For insurance purposes, we are not allowed to administer medication, unless it has been approved in advance by us and the clearance paperwork has been completely filled out. If you would like us to administer medication such as Tylenol, you must supply it and write your child’s name on it. If your child has to take an antibiotic, we recommend you ask your doctor for an AM/PM twice daily dosage that you can administer from home.

For insurance purposes, your child cannot be transported in any of our vehicles, unless in an emergency situation.

Emergency Medical Care Procedures

In case of emergency, the following steps will be taken:
1. Call 911
2. Attempt to contact parent/guardian.
3. Attempt to contact doctor listed on child information card.
4. Attempt to contact persons listed as emergency contacts.

Parents will receive written notification of any minor accidents or incidents that occur with your child at Webcam Daycare. These reports are to be signed and returned to us for placement in your child’s file.

Personal Needs
We recommend that all items which belong to your child are clearly marked with his/her name. This includes tags on jackets, clothes, and blankets.

We ask that each child be dressed in clothing suitable for play. This allows participation in all aspects of the daycare. Rubber soled shoes are required to play on outdoor equipment. Shoes will not be worn indoors, so we recommend your child comes prepared with socks.

Your Child's Development
At Sweet Home Childcare Center, we strongly emphasize independence and creativity within our playroom. During a typical day, we will have a time for artistic expression, group activity, self-play, music & singing time, outdoor play if weather permits, and messy fun time. All children will have a designated nap time. If your child does not need a nap, that time will be used as quiet time so the other children may rest. We will do everything possible to be sure potty training goes as smooth as possible, including making frequent potty attempts, and using sticker charts for encouragement.

Meals & Supplies
Sweet Home Childcare Center will provide all supplies needed for the care of your child, with the exception of clothes, infant formula diapers, wipes and special dietary needs. We will provide breakfast, snacks, lunch, beverages for toddlers. Please supply us with 2 spare outfits for your child, (marked with identification) including a shirt, pants/shorts, underwear, and socks. Sweet Home Childcare Center voluntarily participates in the Association for Child Development Food Program which regulates our facility monthly to be sure your child is receiving a nutritionally complete diet while in our care. Menus are available at our website. Please notify us if your child has any allergies to foods.

Yearly Schedule
Rain, shine, or snow, we are open Monday - Friday, with the following exceptions: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Pick-Up Policy
In order to keep your child safe, please provide us with a name and a photo of all people who you approve to pick up your child. This information will be posted in our lobby to be sure your child is always in safe hands.

Your weekly fee is due in advance, on the Monday (or first day) of each week your child is in daycare..
Bounced checks are yucky! There is a $25 late fee for all bounced checks.

Daily Late Fees
The center closes at 6:00 p.m. Please do whatever it takes to pick up your child by this time. There will be a $10 fee for every 15 minutes your child remains in the daycare after 6:30 p.m.

Admission & Withdrawal
To enroll your child, you must fill out and return all of the forms in the welcome pack. With your paperwork, please submit a check for your first week deposit.

Toys From Home
We discourage toys from home. All toys in the daycare are continually monitored for safety and approved for use by children of all ages.

PLEASE NOTE: we strongly attempt to make sure none of our toys are small enough to pose a choking hazard to our infants and toddlers. If your child wears earrings, please use screw-on backs to prevent them from falling out and posing a hazard.

Privacy Policy
If your child is bitten or physically harmed by another child, it is our policy to keep the names of both children involved private. This is done to prevent animosity among parents and children. A file is kept to keep track of repetitive problem behavior, such as biting, and this will be handled privately between staff and parents. The safety and well-being of your child will at all times remain our number one priority.

Discipline Policy (Revised 6/15/08)
Active and happy classrooms are a key to a good childcare center. Sweet Home Childcare Center caregivers plan and implement stimulating learning programs which keep your child challenged and constructively active. In such environments the need to discipline children is minimal, but it does arise. When children must be disciplined at the Daycare, the caregivers choose the most appropriate of the following methods.

1. Redirection of the Child's Behavior: The caregiver talks with the child, explains the problem, clarifies the "rule" or expectation, and redirects the child to appropriate behavior actions. The tone of the caregiver's voice is firm but supportive.

2. Time Out: To remove the child from a situation in order to discontinue negative behavior, the caregiver responds immediately with a brief explanation such as "You hit Sally and must go to time-out". The child must stand or sit in a corner away from activities quietly for a period of 2-8 minutes, depending on the child's age. If the child's behavior is out-of-control to the extent that he/she can not stand or sit independently, the caregiver will assist the child in calming down. This is done by standing behind the child and resting the caregiver's hands on his/her shoulders or by sitting the child on the caregiver's lap holding him/her.

3. Removal of Privilege: In order to use a consequence as a learning experience for the child, the caregiver will remove a privilege that is logically in response to an inappropriate or un-allowed behavior. For example, if the child continues to ride a trike in an unsafe manner after being aware of the safety rules, the caregiver may take away the privilege of riding the trike for a period of time.

Although we will do our best to control negative behavior, we will deny service if a child displays repetitive aggressive or disruptive tendencies. This is done to ensure the safety and well-being of the other enrolled children. We will also deny service to any family whose child brings weapons of any kind to the center.

Sweet Home Childcare Center believes that the parent and staff must work closely together to solve problems that arise. Caregivers make every effort to communicate with parents about behavior problems and the discipline actions taken. The communication may happen in the form of a phone call, end-of-day conversation when parent picks up their child, or a scheduled conference.

We want parents to know what we will not do in regard to discipline. Caregivers will not humiliate or demean a child in any form verbally or physically. No corporal punishment such as hitting or spanking is utilized. It is our belief the children do not like being out-of-control. They need adults to firmly and consistently exert control.


Sweet Home Childcare Center has two locations: Fairfax VA and South Riding VA
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